Priceless Giving

I remember as a child hearing the words It’s better to give than to receive” and thinking it was a load of hogwash. As a child, there was no better time than Christmas, when those presents would be loaded up under the tree over a few weeks – all different …keep reading

Aroha give flower


A Mother’s Heart at Easter

“A sword will pierce your own soul too.” * I wonder how much of a chill went through Mary’s heart when she heard those words. Let’s not forget that she’d already given up her reputation, dreams, life as she knew it – to accept Jesus as her child. But now with this …keep reading

Dave Lawton – ARK Gathering, 14 March 2015

We had the honour of having Dave Lawton, who heads up Praxeis, join us for our March gathering.

“I believe that people must not only hear the gospel, they must see the gospel aswell. I believe we have to create communities where people can see that this is what it looks like when Jesus is ruling & it becomes the bridge by which they cross & meet with Jesus.
I believe ARK is to be one of those communities. I believe ARK needs to be radical, passionate, followers of Jesus.
But it will only happen if the quality of your community matches up with the lordship of Jesus.”

Great Wall 1

A Journey Toward Parenthood

It’s a little over 10 years ago that our infertility journey came to an end. For us it took five years to grow our family from two adults to include a wonderful plus-one. In hearing the stories of other couples who have experienced infertility, we know our experiences don’t compare …keep reading

I just couldn’t give them up

I read recently a claim that fear was the driving force behind all negative human behaviour. Interesting thought. Unfortunately it required far too much philosophical delving effort for me to really decide either way, especially given I was operating on low brain reserves while having a family holiday. Fear… it has such …keep reading

Dirty feet


Tiny lives and enormous experiences 3

It’s Baby Loss Awareness Day. Since the rise of social media ‘Caffeine Appreciation Day’ and ‘International Talk Like a Pirate Day’, although entertaining, have made commemorative days relatively commonplace. But Baby Loss Awareness Day is one that should not go unnoticed in our feeds. Chances are that you know multiple …keep reading

When parenting is sacrifice

I’ve had the honor of talking through a lot of issues with a lot of different parents over the years, and there’s a theme I don’t often read about in the myriad of parenting blogs. How do you raise a child truthfully and with honesty, whilst protecting them from the …keep reading


On Masculinity 5

What is wrong with masculinity? Seriously… I’m asking the question. Because it seems to me that in the past few years our narrative has erred so heavily toward the fierce independence of women that we have begun to belittle the masculinity of men. Grand sweeping generalisations have come into our humour, …keep reading


On Family

I watched a scene that surprised me recently. Our family traveled to another country to spend some time with our relatives and have a holiday. Our kids knew of their cousins, but simply because of distance, didn’t have a familial relationship with them. On arrival at the airport after clearing …keep reading